WMO is offering two kinds of memberships

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Dear mime colleagues and friends,

World Mime Organisation is opening its door to all the mime professionals, amateurs and audience, we are accepting new members hopping to grow, become stronger and more influential in the worlds of arts, business and administration so that we would be able to help our members and especially mime practitioners in having more opportunities and better conditions to develop their art, acquire and share knowledge around the globe and to boost cooperation and coproductions.

To be able to participate in the work of the World Mime Organisation, its bodies, decisions and to receive its support for your personal or institutional work in your respected countries we hereby invite you to become an OFFICIAL MEMBER of the World Mime Organisation.

Till now most of us were only members of the World Mime Organisation Facebook group and as such unofficial members of the World Mime Organisation.

WMO is offering two kinds of memberships:

click the membership option to fill the Application Form

  • Personal Membership for artists/fans/educators/performers = Annual fee is 15 USD
  • Institutional Membership for legal entities (institutions, theatres, associations, schools, universities, foundations, companies, festivals) = Annual fee is 100 USD

To apply you need to fill the Application Form, upload a CV or a Portfolio of your institution and choose the way you want to pay your Annual Membership Fee (PayPal/Credit Card or Bank Transfer).

Basic Annual Personal Membership Fee (artists/fans/educators/performers) is 10 US Dollars and is payable online after receiving a PayPal Invoice or by bank transfer.

Institutional Membership Annual Fee (institutions, theatres, associations, schools, universities, foundations, companies, festivals) is 100 US Dollars and is payable online or by bank transfer.

Some of your privileges as an Official Members:
  • You may use after your name «Official Member of the World Mime Organisation» or «Official Member of the WMO» or just «Member of the World Mime Organisation» or «Member of the WMO» or «WMO Official Member» or «WMO Member» in your CV, on a Business Card or web site, in an e-mail signature or in any other official and unofficial hard copy or electronic document.
  • You may ask for a personalized free design and pre-press of a standardized WMO Business Card
  • You may and are most welcome to organiza a celebration of the World Mime Day (WMD) on March 22nd in coordination and under the logo of the WMO.
  • You will have 50% discount on all the Registration Fees for all WMO events that are not going to be free for Official Members.
  • You may receive an official WMO Letter of Support or a Letter of Recommendation for your future projects and applications before third parties for different funding.
  • You may have your news published on WMO website under the "Members News" heading in a "News" section.
  • You may build your promotional page on WMO website as soon as this service becomes available.


Thank you,

Marko Stojanovic



World Mime Day should belong to humanity but history should also remember the three initiators of this idea Marko Stojanović (Serbia) More...

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