Ella Jaroszevicz

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French Republic

2017 Laureate

WMO Honorary Member

Member of the World Mime Council

The World Mime Organisation has decided to present the "Special WMO Award for the outstanding contribution to the art of mime" to professor Ella Jaroszewicz of the Ecole internationale de théâtre corporel Studio Magenia.

She created her own body movement, style and school evolving from dance and mime, Tomaszewski and Marceau but keeping her creative originality.
Ella creates and teaches with rigor of the Eastern and freedom of expression of the Western Europe.
She is still influencing and inspiring young mime artists, dancers and actors as well as theatre across Europe and the world where her students are working and creating."
Just like the name of her school "Magenia" or "marzenie" in Polish which means "Dream", her dream never ends.
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