Yoram Boker

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State of Israel

2017 Laureat

WMO Honorary Member

Member of the World Mime Council


WMC 7452 Yoram Boker The World Mime Organization has decided to present the "Special WMO Award for the Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mime" to Prof. Yoram Boker of the Tel Aviv University.

Professor Yoram Boker was taught by the best, Marcel Marceau, Jacques Lecoq, Claude Kipnis and his untamed spirit led him to develope his own style of performing and teaching. His career as a professor flourished at the Tel Aviv University where he was teaching and inspiring young actors, mime artists.

His artistic path was like a carousel spinning between mime, masks and empty space filled with imagination and emotions. He taught his partners, students and the audience to ware masks, play with them but also to be brave and take them off.

We want to assure prof. Yoram Boker that the art of mime did not die with Marcel Marceau, as he expressed his fearful thoughts in one interview, but thanks to him, his students, his colleagues and the World Mime Organisation will keep living, evolving and searching for its place in new reality and new imagination inspired by artists like himself WMC 7473 Yoram Boker WMC 7519 Yoram Boker


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